Heat Recovery Micro Systems

       Thermodynamic Technology Development

Agriculture Sector

In the agricultural sector electricity play a very important role in water pumping for irrigation, as well as potable water pumping for both human and animal consumption. The heat in ambient temperature water would satisfy the energy requirements for pumping using a REHOS cycle due to its high thermal to power conversion efficiency, making pumping nearly free. Refrigeration and chilling for fresh produce as well as dairy products could make the waste heat source of a REHOS generator, delivering electricity for other farming activities essentially for free. 

As mentioned previously, very low power consumption AHT heat pumps (the REHOS cycle sub-cycle) may extract water from the air as de-humidifiers. Due to the low power requirements, windmills may even provide the energy, providing potable water from the air without a borehole, greatly enhancing agricultural activities requiring water.

For general electricity use, a river, dam or even a large pool could provide the sensible ambient temperature heat for a REHOS generator to provide near-free electricity. The modularity of the small packaged REHOS generators would make the farmer's choice easy. This generator may also provide the electricity required for a miniature ammonia fabrication plant to manufacture his own diesel replacement liquid for running his diesel engines with. 

Diesel could easily be the most expensive element of the agricultural sector, often reaching 30% of farming expenses. This could be slashed completely with REHOS technology as used in rail and road transport, as explained elseware.