REHOS Product Designs

trading the IP gained by the former R&D company Heat Recovery Micro Systems

Companies most likely to benefit as our Clients


Companies who already supply products to the national or international markets where prime movers like electrical motors, internal combustion engines and others form part of their produce, already have an existing market, hungry for the vast efficiency improvements offered by the REHOS technology as prime movers. Under these companies would count :


·        Pump suppliers with a design & manufacturing capability with the means to develop and introduce custom-designed pumps for their market. A REHOS Prime Mover driving their pumps as RAW-Pumps would easily double their turnover in a few months!


·        Generator suppliers with a design & manufacturing capability to produce custom-designed continuous and standby generators. The REHOS Edge in prime mover replacement would really push your company to revolutionary heights!


·        Refrigeration & Air Conditioning suppliers with a design & manufacturing capability to produce custom-designed systems, also for de-humidification units extracting water from the air. The REHOS Heat Transformer would add real value to your products!


Engineering Consultants with the capability of teaching, advising and facilitating the local design, manufacturing, assembly and trading of other vapor expander and heat exchanger type equipment to your clients would find the REHOS technology a very valuable part of their consultant arsenal...


Current ORC equipment suppliers with a design & manufacturing capability to produce custom-designed systems for the waste heat recovery and geothermal power generation markets. REHOS technology would provide a revolutionary edge to you and distance your company totally from your opposition!


Project developers with the engineering, design & manufacturing capabilities to successfully introduce ORC technologies to utility-scaled power generation organizations would really benefit from the modular REHOS Generation for phased de-carbonization of fossil combustion power generation.


The examples above are by no means exhaustive, as anybody who investigated (by making use of the listed publications from this website) the revolutionary possibilities of even novel applications of REHOS technology may approach us for training, consultation or other design support for developing your own products, and patenting it as wide as you deem necessary, for your edge in the market....