Heat Recovery Micro Systems

       Thermodynamic Technology Development


The Energy Revolution has started and the global energy sector, among several other sectors of the world economy, will never be the same...

In 2018, the commercialization of the REHOS Technology is really taking off. Watch this space towards the end of 2018!

If you have read the documentation published as downloadable publications on the Home page of this website, you would understand the real commercial value of the REHOS Technology to add to your manufacturing portfolio, putting your company into the lead ahead of your competition. You should jump in to start the licensing conversation urgently.

Interested in having the REHOS Edge on your competitors? Should your company's main interest be in the manufacturing of air-conditioning, chiller plants, de-humidifiers or heat pumps, you may want to partner with us to guide the Commercialization Project to suit your requirements as part owner of the jointly developed IP. The same would be true if your company is an OEM for power generation or ORC manufacturer, or if you would like to manufacture irrigation water pumps powered by the thermal energy in the water being pumped! Contact us today, as we need partners to make REHOS technology really take off in a shorter timespan! Even if you have as little as 200 000 Euro to invest, you may want to become a silent partner and earn up to 20% pa as return on your investment (ROI) into a greener future!