REHOS Product Designs

trading the IP gained by the former R&D company Heat Recovery Micro Systems


Chronological Publications covering the REHOS Technology. These documents are available to customers direct from the author on request:

[22]    Economic Aspects of Utilizing Heat Transformer Technology.pdf written February 2019

[21]    Key Principles of the REHOS Cycle.pdf written November 2018

[20]    REHOS Cycle vs Perpetual-Motion Machine of the 2nd Kind.pdf written October 2018

[19]    Rankine Cycle Efficiency increase by the Regenerative Recovery of Historically Rejected Heat_rev1.pdf written October 2018

[18]    REHOS Cycle at a Glance_rev1 September 2018.pdf written September 2018

[17]    The Syphon Bubble Reactor Heat Transformer as Heatpump in the REHOS Cycle_rev1.pdf written July 2018 

[16]    The Binary NH3-H2O Bubble Reactor-redone_rev2.pdf written July 2018

[15]    REHOS Technology Executive Summary.pdf written April 2018.

[14]    Competitive Advantages of REHOS Technology_rev2.pdf re-written with more references April 2018.

[13]    The Proof-of-Concept Model of the REHOS Ejector Heat Pump_Part 1.pdf written April 2018.

[12]    Executive Overview of the REHOS Technology_Redone April 2018.pdf written April 2018.

[11]    Comparison of various Modern Heatpump Technologies for unlocking Commercial Value from Ambient Heat_rev4.pdf written April 2018.

[10]    Clarification of COP calculations for Absorption Heat Transformer (AHT) Type Heat Pumps.pdf written March 2018.

[9]    Executive Overview of the REHOS Technology_rev1.pdf written February 2018.

[8]    Competitive Advantages of REHOS Technology_rev1.pdf written January 2018.

[7]    The Binary NH3-H2O Bubble Reactor_rev1.pdf written December 2017.

[6]    Clarifying Process Parameters for the REHOS Cycle Concept_rev3.pdf written October 2017.

[5]    The Simplified REHOS Cycle.pdf written August 2017.

[4]    PowerGen-Africa Conference Proceedings on Introduction of REHOS Concepts.pdf  presented 18 July 2017.

[3]    Engineeringnews Article on New Thermodynamic Cycle set to disrupt the Renewables Landscape, published July 2017.

[2]   EE Publisher's Article on Renewable Energy for Baseload Power, published June 2017

[1]    Renewable Energy for Baseload Power.pdf  written April 2017.

short video give you a good overview of the REHOS Technology, but if, by watching the video, you start

                               Link: produced and published January 2018.

thinking this sound too good to be true, you have to download the listed papers above and judge for yourself! Start with number [11] and you would understand why......