REHOS Product Designs

trading the IP gained by the former R&D company Heat Recovery Micro Systems


Chronological Publications covering the REHOS Technology. These documents are available to interested parties direct from the author on request. Send us an email and request the papers you are interested in and I would e-mail it to you right away!

[23]   The Versatility of a Vortex Bubble Distillation Reactor.pdf written April 2020  

[22]    Economic Aspects of Utilizing Heat Transformer Technology.pdf written February 2019

[21]    Key Principles of the REHOS Cycle.pdf written November 2018

[20]    REHOS Cycle vs Perpetual-Motion Machine of the 2nd Kind.pdf written October 2018

[19]    Rankine Cycle Efficiency increase by the Regenerative Recovery of Historically Rejected Heat_rev1.pdf written October 2018

[18]    REHOS Cycle at a Glance_rev1 September 2018.pdf written September 2018

[17]    The Syphon Bubble Reactor Heat Transformer as Heatpump in the REHOS Cycle_rev1.pdf written July 2018 

[16]    The Binary NH3-H2O Bubble Reactor-redone_rev2.pdf written July 2018

[15]    REHOS Technology Executive Summary.pdf written April 2018.

[14]    Competitive Advantages of REHOS Technology_rev2.pdf re-written with more references April 2018.

[13]    The Proof-of-Concept Model of the REHOS Ejector Heat Pump_Part 1.pdf written April 2018.

[12]    Executive Overview of the REHOS Technology_Redone April 2018.pdf written April 2018.

[11]    Comparison of various Modern Heatpump Technologies for unlocking Commercial Value from Ambient Heat_rev4.pdf written April 2018.

[10]    Clarification of COP calculations for Absorption Heat Transformer (AHT) Type Heat Pumps.pdf written March 2018.

[9]    Executive Overview of the REHOS Technology_rev1.pdf written February 2018.

[8]    Competitive Advantages of REHOS Technology_rev1.pdf written January 2018.

[7]    The Binary NH3-H2O Bubble Reactor_rev1.pdf written December 2017.

[6]    Clarifying Process Parameters for the REHOS Cycle Concept_rev3.pdf written October 2017.

[5]    The Simplified REHOS Cycle.pdf written August 2017.

[4]    PowerGen-Africa Conference Proceedings on Introduction of REHOS Concepts.pdf  presented 18 July 2017.

[3]    Engineeringnews Article on New Thermodynamic Cycle set to disrupt the Renewables Landscape, published July 2017.

[2]   EE Publisher's Article on Renewable Energy for Baseload Power, published June 2017

[1]    Renewable Energy for Baseload Power.pdf  written April 2017.

short video give you a good overview of the REHOS Technology, but if, by watching the video, you start

                               Link: produced and published January 2018.

thinking this sound too good to be true, you have to download the listed papers above and judge for yourself! Start with number [11] and you would understand why......