REHOS Product Designs

trading the IP gained by the former R&D company Heat Recovery Micro Systems

REHOS Autarkic Water (RAW)-Pump


Do you have any idea of how easy it is utilizing the revolutionary REHOS thermodynamic cycle, to build a water pump powered by the thermal energy in the water being pumped? Such a game-changer in water pumping may also be constructed in REHOS Autarkic Water (RAW-Pumps) of a few kilowatt to several megawatt.

The RAW-Pump would revolutionize the agricultural, water reticulation and even fuel-free water jet propulsion for marine craft! Imagine a large container-ship replacing the diesel power units with huge RAW-Pumps of a few megawatt, extracting sensible heat from the sea to produce propulsion power.......

With our help, this can be your patented product! Utilizing our patented REHOS thermodynamic cycle, but the product developed by your designers in partnership with us is your IP and you can patent it worldwide!