REHOS Product Designs

trading the IP gained by the former R&D company Heat Recovery Micro Systems

Services we want to offer you


As REHOS Product Design consultants, we have been involved in developing the REHOS concepts, analyzing various envisaged product implementations, sizing and variations during the past 12 years as well as the protection of the IP and patenting the REHOS cycle. We are therefore in an excellent position to:

·        share our knowledge of the various product designs with our clients to allow them to develop, design, construct patent and trade REHOS products of their own. 

·        share our IP with our clients in the form of a licensing agreement allowing them to manufacture, package with their own products, patent and trade their newly developed REHOS thermodynamic cycle based products for profit.

·        assist with tendering and marketing of their developed REHOS products range. Also post client's marketing material on our social media platforms, should it be required.

·        provide training to design and construction personnel for design and construction of REHOS prime movers.

·       even provide you with the flow process design, complete with heat-, mass- and species balance calculations for your chosen REHOS prime mover to help your product development.

·        guide and advise the management teams of our clients for future REHOS product developments.

·        even accompany our client's management in visiting and presenting their product ranges to their clients, nationally or internationally.

·        share our vast project management experience with our clients should it be required, eg. for the development of your own, patented new line of REHOS prime movers. 

·        reference our client's achievements trading REHOS products on our website, providing marketing exposure should you need it.

·        guidance and arrangement of special REHOS licensing discount structures where you as our client, happen to be a consultant, or project developer and not a manufacturer.