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Water Utilities

Today, huge parts of our world are actually very dry, deserts, and the pumping costs to get potable water to these dry parts is just prohibitively high. REHOS technology, however, can change that. Extracting heat from the very water being pumped, would drop the pumped water temperature by a few degrees only (due to the high thermal to power conversion efficiency), but the ambient temperature over the distance of pipe to the next pumping station is enough to leak ambient heat into the water to bring the temperature up again before reaching the next pump station. Providing fresh water anywhere on the globe from available fresh water rivers and dams, would only be the cost of the capital investment of piping and pumping stations, as the energy of pumping is free and simple to implement.....extracted from the environment. 

The same can be said for desalination plants on the coasts of the world. The highest current cost of desalinated potent water from sea water is the cost of pumping. The REHOS technology can change that, as already mentioned. Pumps operated from the heat in the water they are pumping, would reduce pumping costs to next to nothing!

In addition, the revolutionary AHT heat pump energy use is so low that power requirements of an air chilling system to de-humidify the ambient air could produce water from the air at very low cost, and may even be powered by windmills to supply clean, potable water to millions of people currently deprived of drinking water! More information on this is supplied in the paper [11] as well as [13] where actual commercial value of a REHOS de-humidifying heat pump operational cost of potent water fit for human consumption is priced at less than USD 0-10 per thousand liters! This compares very favorably to municipal water treatment cost, running from USD 1-00 per thousand liters (as advertized in the magazine named: Conserve Energy Future).

In an article in the magazine Hydroponics, by George Stainton published April 9, 2018 the author mention that "Already a billion people in the world today face severe water scarcity all year round and half of the world's largest cities experience the same issue!"

Just recognize that the main fresh water use globally involve the distribution as follows:

  • agriculture water use ~ 70%
  • industry water use ~ 23%
  • municipal water use ~ 8%

If you are a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and heat pumps, you would jump at an opportunity to be licensed for using the REHOS technology and revolutionize your business offering. Read the publication [11] and contact us to start discussions around a licence!