Welcome to REHOS Product Designs!


As REHOS Product Design consultants, we strive to introduce and generalize the utilization of Heat Transformer technologies to the global product manufacturing community. We are therefore facilitators for the manufacture of Waste Heat Powered prime movers, promoting the revolutionary REHOS technology for alleviating Energy Poverty globally, as well as guiding related Heat Transformer based low cost refrigeration and de-humidification water extraction, for drought-stricken countries all over the world.


Our core business is focused on the supply of knowledge to our clients to empower them to design, manufacture, market and distribute Heat Transformer driven applications like Refrigeration Systems and REHOS Cycle powered products. We partner with our clients for the successful transfer of our knowledge, licensing and guidance for their commercial success. We teach and guide our clients's engineers and design personnel to incorporate the low cost waste heat REHOS Cycle prime movers of their own design to power products they manufacture eg. pumps, generators, fans etc. 

With our guidance, our clients also produce REHOS bottoming cycles, from as small as a few kW to utility scale MW sized units, for recovering most of the rejection heat traditionally produced by Rankine- and Brayton cycle power blocks, Otto-, Diesel and Stirling prime mover heat rejection. Utilizing these Heat Transformer and  REHOS concepts, our clients become major driving forces for reducing CO2 and other fossil combustion pollutant emissions, leapfrog increasing fuel efficiency of the combined cycles so formed and the overall reduction of fossil fuel use, helping their clients to adhere to the global drive and UN call for mitigating global warming threats.... 


Heat Recovery Micro Systems was founded in 2007, and being a pure R&D company, developed the novel thermodynamic cycle called REHOS (acronym for Regenerative Heat of Solution). As the novel aspects are demonstrated as joint project with a partner in 2019, the company name was changed in May 2019 to position itself better as knowledge supplier, to focus on the commercial implementation of the patented REHOS technology, developed over the past few years.