Water pool power generation (REHOS Pond)

Did you know that solar PV power generation generally convert only ~ 4% of the solar incidence energy received per square meter of a land area required to cover with panels, into electricity. This is due to the low solar to electricity conversion efficiency as well as the spacing and walkways required between panels required for servicing and maintenance. In sharp contrast, a water pool serving as solar collector coupled to a REHOS Generator may convert a very much larger percentage of the solar incidence energy to electricity!

This revolutionize the Solar Pond concept, and make REHOS Pond one of the favoured power generation methods of the future. Imagine having all that thermal storage capacity and even at ambient temperature of ~ 20 Celsius the stored sensible heat can be converted to electricity with a net efficiency larger than 15% .......

Impossible? Try us.....or follow the link below to an explanation of how this is very realistic

Link to ResearchGate Publication

This paper highlight how the REHOS Cycle help us Chill our Feverish Planet by using REHOS Technology